It is Done, Everything!

Today was a BIG day which started with me getting my new Continental snow tires mounted on the Smart Car. Success! I was finished so early I decided on returning home, picking up the forms I need to complete my car registration and titling and head for the RMV once again. Turns out there was a hiccup waiting for me there. It seems my stupid car insurance company, Progressive, decided for some unknown reason, to enter my name as Bob Mielke instead of Robert Mielke. My title says Robert William Mielke. The RMV balked and said I needed to get a new RMV-1 form with the correction sent to me by Progressive. How could I do this without returning home, calling Progressive, have them email me the amended version and drive back to the RMV? It turns out the answer was technology using a fax business in the same plaza as the RMV, Smart Technologies that is. I asked them for their email address, called Progressive on my cell phone, had them make the correction to my policy and therefore my DMV-1 form and email Smart Technologies the corrected form. They printed it out for $5. I gave them a $5 tip for saving my bacon!

I walked across the parking lot to the RMV and got in line for the 3rd time in two days. The same nice lady who worked with me yesterday wrapped up the correct paperwork before we ran into another snag. Although I paid for my driver’s licence and fees to the tune of $125 using a debit card yesterday they don’t accept anything but cash or a check for registration. plates and title transfer. She helped me out one last time for mentioning the pizza parlor in that same plaza had an ATM machine.she set aside my paperwork and took a break while I walked over there and withdrew $200 in cash, $135 of which I gave her for their fees. Yahoo, I was handed new plates, registration and instructions on how to mount the plates AFTER I got my vehicle inspected within a certain timeframe. Guess where I returned to after driving home? Yup, back to the filling station that mounted my snow tires. No problem with the $35 inspection. They even mounted the plated according to Hoyle. I’m now a legal driver in the state of Massachusetts. 🙂 Again, I’m pooped!


9 thoughts on “It is Done, Everything!

    • I left some very good friends in Portland and the rest of Oregon. Their blogs line my favorites list. The Northwest is vast, open wilderness with clean air, water and mild climate.

      New England is rich in heritage, quaint buildings, walls and canals hundreds of years old. It will be fun photographing it all. I’d better hurry before Old Man Winter grabs ahold of the area. I’m as prepared as I can get.

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