Preparations For A New Life

AirportTwo weeks to the day from when I arrived at Logan Field in Boston I can finally relax and start enjoying the scenery. The chores of unpacking, finding a place for all my stuff and setting up house are mostly complete. I still have to spread my wings, expanding my knowledge of the area. It will take time.

I’ve already found my local Supermarket with Hannaford’s, signing up at their pharmacy to have all my prescriptions transferred there from Costco in Portland. I’ve been assign a primary care physician at the VA Clinic in Worcester, with my first “Meet & Greet” appointment set for November 09. Yesterday I finished one of my biggest chores in getting a new Massachusetts driver’s licence, car insurance through Progressive and registering my Smart Car as well as transferring its title. I managed to finish that very long day yesterday, that started with 4 new snow tires being installed on my car, by calling Traveller’s Insurance to get my renter’s insurance moved to my new home in Uxbridge, MA.
Jeep Patriot #3I’ve watched my friends and hosts, Marilyn & Garry Armstrong, start their preparation for the coming Winter by buying an off road worthy Jeep Patriot with plenty of room to carry supplies to forego the upcoming season’s stretches of cold and deep snow. It was the worst of Winters last year, with record snowfall totals. They will be better able to remain mobile with their new primary transportation. If they should get stuck in their new Jeep I can always pull them out with my Smart Car! 🙂
Guardians To A Secret PathSo bring on my new life in New England. I think I can love this area and its friendly people just as I did back in Portland, OR, Graniteville, SC or Ferguson, MO. I’ve lived all over the United States and a few countries in the Far East. I’m not old, I’m experienced, and well travelled! LOL
P.S. – Time to clean my new home for the first time. My new Bissell upright vacuum cleaner was waiting for me when I returned home late yesterday afternoon. There’s some small assembly required but for now the box sits in my livingroom corner. As with all the great campaigns of the Romans, parades followed that were ended by a lowly slave in a toga pushing a broom cleaning up the ticker tape thrown by the masses in the stands. Somebody has to clean up the mess! 🙂

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