A Walk In The Park #1

Marilyn drove us to a local park in her new Jeep Patriot today. It was her first time behind the wheel since the salesman delivered it to their driveway yesterday. The park was astounding! The trees are in full color right now so with the beautiful surroundings of the park combined with the Autumn color every shot becomes a picture postcard. Mother Nature even threw in some dramatic clouds in a blue sky. It was a fun afternoon.

A Walk In The Park #1


4 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park #1

    • Having only lived here for the past two weeks only today has my long list of necessary tasks been completed. I’m signed up with the VA and have a new doctor, I’ve gone through the gauntlet that is the DMV(RMV here) to get my vehicle legal as well as my driver’s licence. I’ve switched insurance policies and finished unpacking all my stuff. I even vacuumed my apartment for the first time yesterday after assembling my new Bissell Upright vacuum cleaner. In between all the madness I’ve struck out with Marilyn to take pictures around Uxbridge. I’m working my way outward to the outlying communities. Eventually, I’ll be seeking out the local zoos. I’m relying heavily on my gps for now. It’s fun shooting landscapes in the Fall here. There’s so much to photograph that I’m inspired. Darn, I must return to bed and sleep some more! Goodnight.

      • I’ve been following your adventures and felt your pain as you suffered the frustrations of officialdom. I also noted that everyone in the house was going through some sort of a car thing. Glad all is settled and you are out photographing the wonderful fall colors. I’ve never seen a New England fall. One of these years! Sweet dreams!!!

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