Blackstone Postcard

OK this is it! I’ve got to stop posting or I’ll use up all my pictures of the Blackstone River & Canal. I had so much fun yesterday wandering along the banks of the river in a park like setting, complete with stone bridges, benches and picnic tables galore. There was even an old mill that looked like a giant barn, complete with a tiny museum upstairs. All of these scenes would make great postcards. My favorite shot of the day is seen below.

Blackstone Postcard #1

A Walk In The Park #4


19 thoughts on “Blackstone Postcard

  1. Hey, wait a minute: I just realized that you haven’t mentioned finding a local McDonald’s yet. You’ll have to get your McD’s coffee & friends fix, so that means you have to find the right McD’s and start getting to know people right away.

    • Actually I’ve found a much better place than McDonald’s, Mom’s Restaurant. It’s located on Main St., Uxbridge. They only serve breakfast and their prices are cheaper than McDonald’s. Their food’s a whole lot better at $8.29 for 5 slices of bacon, two eggs over easy, toast, real home fried potatoes and unlimited coffee. The place is THE spot in town to chit-chat, full of charm and interesting characters.

    • LOL Yes, it is a great place to visit and I live here now too! This is just the beginning. I’m going to spread my wings and see what sort of trouble I can get myself into. 🙂

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