Do You Hate Your Job?

Before I retired I had to listen to fellow workers complain constantly. It didn’t take long before I let them all know that I didn’t want to hear their whining about how tough they have it. After all, they have a job! During our last recession people struggled to hang onto jobs and those who lost them struggled to find another decent job. My turn came in August of 2010 when Intel shut the door and turned out the light to Fab 20, Ronler Acres in Hillsboro, OR. I had worked there for four years after moving 3200 miles from Graniteville, SC, where the textile industry collapsed there. I had lost my job of 13 years to that collapse and was forced to relocate for a better job.

I’ve faced major layoffs before. McDonnell Douglas in St Louis, MO laid off 10,000 workers in one day. I had been with them 13 years also. I lost my high tech job, my truck to repossession and my house to foreclosure. I even lost my 2nd wife after 9 years, all at the same time. You want to complain? All things are relative! You think you’ve got it bad? Look around you, you’ve got it better than most of the people on this planet. Be grateful for what you DO have!

I Hate My Job


2 thoughts on “Do You Hate Your Job?

  1. I worked 25 years of the school district here and was grateful for every day and every paycheck that helped me take care of my kids.

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