Brace Yourself!

I wasn’t even aware that Marilyn was photographing me. She didn’t tell me until we were back in the car heading home from our photo shoot along the Blackstone River. I’m not accustomed being in front of the camera’s lens. In reality I’m glad she captured me during our outing so I have great pictures to share of me in my new home in Uxbridge, MA.

I’m forever teaching my photography students the importance of proper holding techniques while out shooting. I seldom use my beautiful MeFoto or Manfrotto tripods unless I’m shooting long exposures or HDR multiple exposures, so the rest are handheld.

In the shot below Marilyn caught me going through my automatic routine of physically bracing myself then holding my camera in such a way that camera shake is minimized before taking a breath and pressing the shutter button while exhaling. After 45 years as a photographer it’s strictly reflex to shoot this way. Marilyn also knows what she’s doing in her years of practice as seen in the sharpness of this photo. Way to go Marilyn! Thanks!

Bob Shooting In Portrait Orientation


8 thoughts on “Brace Yourself!

    • I can’t help but notice my transition glasses turning to sunglasses in this photo. I seldom notice the great automatic protection they give me. I’m barely squinting here. LOL

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