Eating At An Institution

Small town America is alive and well in Uxbridge, MA. While waiting for my 4 snow tires to be mounted on my Smart Car last week I asked the workers if there was a place close by I could get breakfast. They proclaimed “Oh, you need to go to Mom’s just two blocks away from one of two full service gas stations in town. No quick shop or snacks sold his this throwback to Barney & Goober in Mayberry RFD. There’s just three comfortable chairs next to the “Mechanics Only” service bay with three lifts, all full.

So, in a light rain, I hiked past the CVS Pharmacy to Mom’s Restaurant, open for breakfast & lunch only. It too was a throwback to an era whose time I thought had long past. It’s the stereotypical diner, complete with window to the kitchen where all the magic happened. They handed me a menu but after a glance at the full lineup of breakfast items I decided to test them out. I asked my waitress if I could simply tell her what I want and let her handle it. she said, “sure”. “Two eggs over easy on white toast with bacon and taters”, I declared. Of course I added coffee to that order. It came back in short order on a large oval stoneware platter. The real, chunky home potatoes were a golden brown with lots of pepper on them, just the way my mom used to make them. I was shocked at the 6 slices of bacon on my platter as the norm where I had just moved from was 3. Everything was perfect! The tab came to just over $8, about what I used to spend at McDonald’s for a couple of tasteless, rubbery breakfast sandwiches, hockey puck hash brown patty and coffee.

So, now I’ve established where I’m going to eat my breakfast at should I be downtown in Uxbridge, MA. The place was loaded with local regulars chatting up the day’s news, sports and weather. You’ve got to love that heavy Boston accent! I must sound equally different to them with my Midwestern lack of an accent. I know I’ll be back here again as well as to Helen’s Full Service Gas Station. Welcome to Uxbridge, MA!

Mom's Restaurant #1


5 thoughts on “Eating At An Institution

  1. Hi, Bob! Sent you an email (again) this morning — hope this one fnds its way to you. Say, this move of yours will be fun for me — I say that selfishly, because reading your words about this new place will introduce me to a whole new part of the world! Thank you! Hope you’re enjoying your new home — it appears you are. πŸ™‚

    • That would be a yes to loving my new place. It’s only been 17 days but I feel right at home already. I have the dogs as my alarm clock and the chill in the air to help me sleep as good as I have in years. I’m adding a new comfy pillow and flannel sheets to that bed that should make it all much more snuggly. Sleep is important to ol people. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by.

      • Glad to hear all is well in your neck of the woods, Bob! Hope you got my email. πŸ™‚

        I won’t be a stranger now — and not you either! πŸ™‚

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