A Splash Of Color

I now live in a split-level house in the woods. The house sits about 200 feet off Aldrich Street in Uxbridge, MA, population about 11,000. Our most frequent visitor is the UPS truck driver who makes daily deliveries to the house as all the occupants order most things from Amazon.com. I even ordered French Vanilla CoffeeMate in 400 individual serving packages. You know, the ones that are on any restaurant counter or table. We have to stockpile items like that with the Winter just around the corner.

So much of people’s lives out here is dictated by their Winters. They had a record snowfall of over 20′ on the ground last year. That strands folks in their homes, burying their cars and driveways. I actually met the man who plows our road in town. It’s that small a town.

Since I moved in, Oct. 03, 2015, I’ve been exploring my new home. I’ve taken walks around the perimeter photographing all the nooks and crannies. The back deck is interesting because it’s high above the the ground, with its entrance being the upper floor kitchen. Marilyn surveys her backyard kingdom from that kitchen window. She couldn’t get out that door last Winter when the snow accumulation got too high. They were marooned in their own home. On that back deck is a small table with a couple of pastel watering cans Marilyn uses to water her fuchsia plants that grow there. Their bright color, in contrast to an almost monochrome deck, struck me as photographically worthy. I was imagining 4 feet of snow on that scene just a few months from now. We can always hope for a mild Winter!

Back Deck Table #1


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