More Than A grocery Store

The photo below is my local supermarket and pharmacy in downtown Uxbridge, MA. I’ve come to love this store already because the people working there are already becoming like family. They call you by your first name when you come in. They send bag boys running for items in the store you ask about. It’s laid out differently than any grocery store I’ve ever known. They have multiple aisles for the same products such as ice cream versus no sugar added ice cream, an entire aisle with just organic stuff, including dairy. Then, across the entire store, is the regular dairy stuff. It’s very different.

I had a fun conversation yesterday about finding WalMart. Everyone knows where it is and how to get there, except me. 3-4 people joined the conversation trying to describe how to easily get there. Some used local landmarks to direct me while others stuck to highway numbers and exit signs. It was a lot of fun seeing their enthusiasm to help me. All this was about my quest to find a simple laundry basket, which arrived from yesterday afternoon.

Hannaford’s is like the water fountain in an office environment. Local people just gather around it as part of their social life. So many people are curious about my Smart Car as here in the country you don’t see them at all. Even policemen have stopped me to ask questions about the car in a construction zone out front of Hannaford’s. It’s another quaint Uxbridge institution.

Hannaford's of Uxbridge #1


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