Shoutout: Imagine by Sandra Conner

Sandra’s blog post can be found at: She originally asked to purchase the giraffe photo but I gave it to her with all the rights included. She was nice enough to send me a copy of the book once it was published. I appreciate her mentioning my name and giving me credit for the cover photo. We remain friends to this day.

Book Cover

Giraffe Youngster

6 thoughts on “Shoutout: Imagine by Sandra Conner

  1. I’m confused by this post. This is my story with Sandra, a copy of my post that I wrote and a link to my blog. I know you have a picture in this book as well but this is about my picture and actually links to it and my blog.

  2. Hey, thank you, Bob, for highlighting the book. The publisher will have it on Amazon soon in digital format for e-readers. I do love this picture. It’s always been special. It sparked a short story, and then the idea of using it for the cover of the anthology just wouldn’t go away. Thanks again for being so generous with it. It’s truly one of my favorite book covers of all the books I’ve done.

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