“The Tractor”

It’s an icon in the life of Marilyn Armstrong of http://teepee12.com/author/teepee12 fame. She lives in the woods of Uxbridge, MA as a writer and photographer. There’s this old tractor on the side of her driveway that has to be the most photographed antiquity since the Sphinx. When I moved in with Marilyn and her husband, Garry, I knew I was going to want to photograph this legend.

I couldn’t just walk up on a bright sunny day and raise my camera and start shooting. I had to wait for the light to be better, more even, with better saturation of colors. I finally got my chance and gave it a rip. My first effort can be seen below.

The Tractor #1

3 thoughts on ““The Tractor”

  1. I have a friend who teaches photography. He uses objects like this for the first homework assignment — he calls the assignment a “24,” because that was the smallest commercial film one could buy — the objective of the lesson is to take 24 shots of the same object, changing view, light, angle, background, exposure, etc. I’ve seen it done with a bench, with a motorcycle left on the ground, an old car, a statue, etc. This tractor would lend itself wonderfully to a “24”!

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