Bishop: First Look

Since moving to New England I’ve become familiar with my hosts, Garry & Marilyn Armstrong, as well as their three dogs, Bishop, Bonnie & Amber. It was only a matter of time before I started to photograph them. They are loving dogs who will to give you as much time and attention as you wish. I have a new lap dog with Amber, a miniature Dachshund, but haven’t bonded yet with the black Scottie, Bonnie. Bishop is an Australian Sheep dog who has the prettiest coat and the softest, warmest, wettest tongue.

I saw the outside light was inside the “golden hour” just before sundown and grabbed my Fuji X-E1 with a 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 lens aboard. It’s my workhorse lens for doing animal portraits. I needed its reach last evening capturing the photo below because I was along the driveway fence shooting the picture at about 60 feet. Bishop was on his front porch just outside his doggie door. That is where the Armstrongs place a large stainless steel water bowl when the doggies are outside terrorizing the neighborhood. Bonnie was the only dog outside at the time. As he drank from his bowl I set myself and called his name. His head popped up instantly, water still dripping from his nose and mouth, to make perfect eye contact with me. Snap! My first official portrait of Bishop was in the books, forever more imortalized for me to post on this blog. So, without further fanfare I present to you Bishop.

Bishop #1


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