Rita’s Treasures

I discovered Rita’s Second Time Around shop on Main Street Uxbridge, MA. It’s sort of like a curio shop, yard sale and flea market indoors. You’re likely to find just about anything there on any given day. The merchandise is in mint condition and so reasonably priced you’ll likely find the perfect coffee cup, salt shaker or mason jar you’ve been looking for forever. I wound up with all the items I planned on buying at WalMart Supercenter for just $5, total. There was a bundle of plastic clothes hangers, that mason jar tall enough to hold all my kitchen utensils, and that wire mesh trash can, perfect for plastic T-bags you get at the grocery store. I photographed a unique rocker in the back room made of very old wood. All those smaller treasures were priced at $1 each. Can’t beat that even at WalMart. Used, new, the only difference is price. How can a $1 wire trash can be bad?

Rita's Treasures


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