Scenes Of Autumn In Uxbridge

This is my first Autumn in Uxbridge, MA. I can see the differences here as compared to the Pacific Northwest. I can smell the differences as well. There are a lot more leaf bearing trees in New England than Oregon. Oregon is the largest producer of Christmas trees in the country. That means pine trees, lots of pine trees. You can drive the back roads of Oregon and see mountains rising high into the clouds, all covered in pines. Not many pines here on the East Coast in New England. It’s not better, just different.

As a result of all the leafy trees here the ponds and ground are covered with a carpet of colorful leaves. Lilypads are everywhere. Plants I haven’t noticed abound here. I have yet to see a single fern here. The Pacific Northwest is covered with fiddlehead ferns.

So my photography is now capturing New England’s version of Nature, its subtleties, nuances and beauty. In my quest to define and capture my environment I hope you enjoy the uniqueness that I find and photograph in Uxbridge, MA.

Scenes of Autumn

Lilypad Pond

Translucent Condition

Parked For A Quick Getaway

Leaves With Bug 2015


15 thoughts on “Scenes Of Autumn In Uxbridge

  1. Reblogged this on SERENDIPITY and commented:
    I had to reblog this. Scenes of home … right down to and including the driveway. Golly. That’s also got to be the absolutely best picture of local water lilies (the wild ones, not cultivated in a nursery) I’ve seen, including my own photographs of them.

  2. As for ferns: take a look behind the shed. There are a few thousand fiddleheads there. They grow EVERYWHERE and completely cover the floor of the forests throughout the valley. It’s just late in the year and they are mostly either dying or bright yellow and about to disappear until next spring.

  3. WOW ! wow ! wow ! Simply outstanding ! Thanks to Marilyn for making me see and enjoy this amazing gallery of Autumn. I loved it. Isn’t the same bridge in your cover pic which Marilyn keeps on shooting frequently? Had you happened to click this pic while you stayed with them? Sorry for asking too many questions…but it’s just I am too excited to be here on your page though I know you through Serendipity.

    • LOL I moved in with Marilyn & Garry October 03, 2015. I’ll be taking a lot of the same pictures Marilyn takes. She got me into blogging three years ago. We knew each other before that on photographic forums. I’ve been taking photographs 45 years. Check out some of my best at

      • I know. Marilyn mentioned about you on different occasions while giving me tips on photography. I am so grateful to her to make me meet such wonderful people out here. I have seen your work and admired too. I shall check the link. I didn’t know that you have shifted with the couple permanently. I keep on telling her that she should keep a bungalow for me too since I am in love with the place. Saving….

    • You can tell I’ve been having fun photographing my new environment. There’s just a short time remaining to get more shots. As I drive along the roads I mentally mark the trees to capture the next drive I take. There’s some doozies here as there were all over the Portland area.

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