The Eyes Of Bob

I was looking through my Apes folder at pictures I’ve taken of the apes at the Oregon Zoo. One of my favorite characters was Bob the orangutan from Borneo. From the first day he was put on exhibit we formed this bond. His expressions are all unique but intense. It’s as if his eyes are the window to his soul.

The eyes really are a window to the soul, according to scientists.

Patterns in the iris can give an indication of whether we are warm and trusting or neurotic and impulsive, research has found. Anyway here’s a rendering in primarily black and white with a touch of sepia for effect.



4 thoughts on “The Eyes Of Bob

  1. I could spend all day in front of Bob’s cage! This photo shows tenderness, wonder, curiosity, hurt, reflection. More than hunger, he seems to be investigating this scrap with yet another sensory organ–the lips. The sepia eyes are so effective, Bob. You are really a master at capturing animals and I see you transferring that to plants and terrain in yesterday’s post. It is really exciting to see the world through your eyes.

    • Thank you. I became friends with Bob at the Oregon Zoo as I went there over 150 days a year on the average. I now know where the Southwick Zoo is in Mendon, MA and will try to get in a visit at least once before the snow starts falling this Winter.

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