Distractions Along My Road

I admit to weaving a bit in order to take these shots about 1/4 of a mile from my new home on Aldrich Street. That final curve is about 100 yards from my driveway. I use those guardrails as landmarks to know when I must turn. We need a red flag by the driveway entrance to help when the snow gets really deep. I’ve actually noticed a couple of fire hydrants at West Hills Dam that have red and white striped poles extending about 4 feet from the top of hydrants to help locate them in deep snow.

Anyway, I held my X-E1 with one hand, set for continuous shooting, and took enough frames to give me a chance for sharp, colorful shots. It worked. When I showed them to my sister living in South Carolina she said they reminded her of the back roads we had in Stockton, NJ. I agreed as I was living with her and her family through some fierce Winters there.

I hope you enjoy a peek at my new environment. It’s amazing more drivers aren’t injured by the distractions in Autumn.

Aldrich Street #1 Aldrich Street #2


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