Follow Up to “The Pot”

Darn, the pot Marilyn gave me sure looked like it would work but it didn’t. I filled the pot with water preparing to make soft boiled eggs and the second I turned the power on the cooktop errored indicating the pot wasn’t compatible. You never know the true makeup of a pan until you test it. A lot are heavy aluminum coated in a thin layer of stainless steel. Others have the bottoms made of bronze or copper for better heat transfer. Regardless of the reason the only way you know if it will work is plunk it on that cooktop and turn on the power. I emptied the pan and grabbed my 8″ Lodge cast iron skillet to make fried eggs instead. I cleaned Marilyn’s pan thoroughly and will return it to her today with a heartfelt thank you!

So the hunt for a pot that was the right size, price & material was on. Let me first say that I love to shop at I’m a Prime member so I hunt for Prime products that include a discounted price and of course free two day shipping. I’ve been shopping there for years. Let me tell you of one thing I DON’T like about Amazon. If I do a search for induction compatible cookware I expect the resulting list to be induction ready and compatible. That doesn’t happen. If you’re looking at a possible candidate such as my 1 quart sauce pot, you’d better read down into the customer questions to see if it truly is induction compatible. Twice today I discovered the pots Amazon was showing me were NOT induction friendly. I would have purchased them and been extremely pissed to have to return them when my cooktop errored out once again. I just wrote an email to Amazon’s Customer Support complaining of this issue. Damn it if I search for compatible cookware don’t show me or sell me stuff that won’t work. End of rant!

Cook like a pro with this professional stainless steel cookware from Cuisinart. The exclusive PowerBond high impact bonded base heats fast, distributes heat evenly and is induction-cooktop ready. This was clearly stated by the manufacturer’s product description. Cuisinart is a very reputable maker of top quality cookware so I trust this item will work as advertized. It should take just two days to get here and costs just $27.23. The perfect size pot for my specific need. Crossing fingers!

Cuisinart Pot


3 thoughts on “Follow Up to “The Pot”

  1. Hopefully thes one will work! If it doesn’t, it may be because the bottom of the pot must be completely flat in order to connect with the cook-top. This is the one thing I don’t like about flat-top stoves — had to give away a perfectly good set of pots because of that!

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