“The Pot”

There’s a correct pot for every application. Too big and it takes too long to boil and wastes too much water. Too small and your soft boiled eggs might boil over and make a mess. Besides, an induction tabletop appliance  requires the right size to heat properly with its magnetic waves. So it was that I’ve been looking for that perfect pot that had to be the right size to boil 2-3 eggs in water and be made of a magnetic material, steel or iron.

To the rescue comes Marilyn, my hostess and friend who has cupboards full of cookware. She simply found the pot, walked downstairs to my man cave and handed it to me. The hunt is over. She suggested I wash it thoroughly as it had been a while since it last was used. I had just the right Scotch scrubby sponge and Dawn dish detergent to handle that job.

Now I must wait for the morning to return so I can try my new perfect pot on soft boiled eggs, not cooked too long or too short but just right. That would be boiling water for 4 minutes, served with a toasted Portuguese muffin with real butter. Add a large cup of Lipton tea steeped to perfection and Voila, you’ve just made the perfect man cave breakfast. Thanks Marilyn!

The Pot


6 thoughts on ““The Pot”

  1. Are you going to show us your man cave? I’m also curious about how it came about that you moved coasts. I know Marilyn invited you, but what chain of events brought this about?

    • I was living with a former employee of Intel Corporation, Paul Kwitek. After a year with him we sat down in conversation where he explained his desire to sell his home. He gave me a month’s notice during which I used my deposit as my final month’s rent.

      Rents in Portland have climbed so much in the 10 years I lived there that I could no longer afford to remain. Right after getting the word from Paul I wrote a blog post sharing my need to find a new home. Marilyn responded immediately that she had a basement apartment open. I grabbed at the offer as it was so fully inclusive the price she was asking couldn’t be matched in the Pacific Northwest. I agreed and immediately set the ball in motion to move.

      • Thanks, Bob. I’ve said before that I do love knowing the full story–and backstory. I have read other posts on blogs and Facebook about the soaring prices of rent in Portland. I’ll say again that negative things often turn out to have positive results. Hope this continues to be true in your migration from left coast to right!!!!

      • Remember, I started dead center being born in St. Louis. Then my travels took me to New Jersey for 3 years, South Carolina for 13 years and then to Portland for 10 years. I’ve hopped skipped my way across the entire United States.

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