Amber & Bonnie

I set them up, I admit it. When I go upstairs for visits I always sit on the same couch in the same spot. I also have “Velcro Dog” known as Amber, heading for my lap. You see, Amber is a lap dog. She sometimes asks for help getting up to me because, as a miniature dachshund her vertical jump is about 2 inches. In reality I’ve been told all that begging is an act. She can actually jump up on the couch if she wants to but why not take advantage of a well trained human, me?

Bonnie is basically committed to Garry who sits on the other couch at the very end. So, in just over 3 weeks the pecking order has been established, Amber on Bob’s lap, Bonnie waiting for Garry and Bishop, well Bishop’s too big to be on either couch. Bishop is basically relegated to the floor. 😦

The morning I took the photos below I was wearing my favorite hooded sweatshirt with kangaroo style through pockets. That’s big enough to hold my Nexus 7 tablet and my small rigged camera. I popped an 18mm lens onboard for a super wide angle shot and close focusing. As I said, it was a setup.

You see Amber & Bonnie generally run away from cameras. Knowing their routine I surprised amber who was already on my lap staring up at me with one giant eye. I pulled out my camera and managed two decent closeups before she turned away. Bonnie was equally surprised by my sneaky tactics.

Amber Bonnie Amber


4 thoughts on “Amber & Bonnie

    • I’ve immortalized her though. I’m working on Bonnie now. I’ve gotten the one good shot already and she got a fresh haircut that makes her more beautiful than ever. Marilyn has asked me to get as many good shots of Bommie now as she won’t stay this good looking forever. I’m a very fast shooter so I get shots before the animal can turn away and be shy.

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