“The Dungeon”

I’m continuing my quest to photograph my immediate environment. I still have some cleaning and organizing to do in my bedroom so I’ll save it for last. In the meantime I took a few shots of what I affectionately call “The Dungeon”, my version of an improvised kitchen. It’s purely a makeshift, functional arrangement of limited space and facilities that works for me. There’s a food preparation area, the cutting board in orange, the utensil dispenser, that tall mason jar full of knives, forks & spoons, and the cooking appliances, one each toaster and induction cooktop. The major appliances are behind the counter space, a refrigerator and microwave.

I want you to know I’ve been in my new place going on a month and have yet to starve to death. I’ve made steak & eggs, pancakes, waffles, a variety of cereals and lots of Portuguese toasted muffins. There were also loads of sandwiches prepared on that cutting board. I have spare ribs and chicken sausages still in the freezer ready to prepare for a few extra special meals. It all works for me. After cooking I clean everything immediately before eating with a paper towel and wash the pans in the bathroom sink with very hot water and Dawn dish detergent. The 8″ cast iron skillets gets its traditional wipe and brush before replacing on the induction cooktop. I’m awaiting my new 1 quart Cuisinart stainless steel pot to expand my menu to include soups, chili and soft boiled eggs. Throw in hot, freshly cooked oatmeal on cold Winter morning and it just doesn’t get much better. Y’all need to come over to Bob’s for a good meal! đŸ™‚

I have plans to purchase a very small dish rack for the plates and bowls and move the rolls of paper towels to storage shelves on the third wall to allow for even more counter space.

The Dungeon #1

Dungeon Appliances #1


4 thoughts on ““The Dungeon”

    • I can arrange that setting. Owen, Marilyn’s son, assures me it’s a fully functioning fireplace complete with spark grill in front. I’ll need to have him teach me how to use it safely as the temperatures are already in the 30s in the morning.

  1. Hi Bob, You’ve done real well with the space you have. I think you have more room than Rebecca has in some ways. She has room to the right of her sink for a small disdainer and to the left almost no room for food prep. Her fridge is quite small and she has a small 4 burner electric stove. She has some cupboard storage. She has a closet which she filled with nice organizing shelves. She’s been so busy she hasn’t been eating much at home. She found a place nearby that sells healthy frozen dinners that she is going to try.. Take care,

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