The Exit To “Outdoors”

As I sit at my computer desk and look to my right I can see this scene leading to the mysterious “Outdoors”. In reality it’s the driveway at ground level where most of us park our cars. It’s a well travelled route as everyone living upstairs must climb down the steps in the kitchen to my level to exit the house. There are two other exits, the front door used by the doggies and the rear deck from the kitchen down a long staircase to ground level. Visitors enter through the double doors in the picture below then seek the hallway next to my “Mancave” before climbing the kitchen stair to get upstairs.

The Door To Outside


One thought on “The Exit To “Outdoors”

  1. It is, I admit, a bit of a labyrinth … but blame the dogs. No one wants to go through their yard and since they have a solid lock on the front door, it being THEIR door … all traffic enter from the driveway. Which is, I admit, easier. That used to be a garage before we did a little remodeling 14 years ago.

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