My New Pot Is Here

It arrived about an hour ago by UPS. My 1 quart Cuisinart stainless steel induction friendly sauce pan with glass lid. I filled it with cold water and timed it to boil at level 5. It work but took 8 minutes to reach a rolling boil. I emptied the pan let it cool and tried again at level 6. The induction cooktop has 15 power levels so I upped it from 5-6 to see the difference. This time it took just 5 minutes, more like what I had hoped. Also, it was a real rolling boil at 5 minutes, perfect for adding your eggs to cook soft boiled eggs. I’m going to actually try it with eggs tomorrow morning and drop the temperature to around 3-4 after introducing the eggs and putting the lid on top. I’ll start my timer for 4 minutes of boiling for the perfect eggs. I have a long handled slotted spoon for handling the eggs. I’ll prepare a bowl with cold water in it to stop the eggs from cooking any further with a cold bath. It’s all in the timing. Toasted Portuguese rolls with butter broken or cut into bite sized pieces before the eggs are ready. A big cup of tea will be brewing although if none of the  eggs break during the cooking process the boiling water can go right into my tea cup. I have a plan! And, “I love it when a plan comes together”!

Addendum: It’s Friday and I just successfully made soft boiled eggs and Portuguese toasted muffins for breakfast. I know it’s a trivial thing but “…it’s one small step for mankind”! I learned the routine by doing. Bring the water to boil with the lid on in 3 minutes at setting 6. Put warmed Eggs in pan and leave the cover off. Change setting to 3.5 and cook for 4 minutes 30 seconds. Remove eggs from pan, place in bowl with cold water to stop cooking. Voila!

Cuisinart Pot

Portuguese Muffins


12 thoughts on “My New Pot Is Here

  1. Okay Bob, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to do an intervention here. You are publishing stories about your cooking utensils on your blog!!!! Marilyn, support me here!

      • I’m a practical German. I own what works for me. I don’t need a $250 set of pots and pans. One pot and one pan has served me just fine for 15-20 years I’ve lived along. My last wife was a professional cook, with her own casserole business. Then why did she make me frozen pot pies? I do my own cooking and need no one. Underline NO ONE!

  2. I have to say this. I know eggs are washed before selling but it still doesn’t seem like a great idea to use the water for tea. Hopefully boiling kills anything you shouldn’t drink.

    • I agree. The water wasn’t useable for tea this morning so I nuked a cup of hot water in 2:45 in the microwave. It’s all about the timing and cleanup. I never walk out with a plate of food before everything is cleaned and back in its place. It’s just too small a space to be messy.

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