I love dark and spooky places. I love shooting in very low light situations, it’s one of the main reasons I chose my Fuji X-E1 cameras. This ability to shoot at ISO 6400 and get good, sharp, reduced noise pictures was the selling point. I’m not saying there’s no noise but at 100% magnification on a full frame shot it’s negligible.

When I saw Cee’s entry on her website I was challenged to post one of my favorite low light shots. I set this shot up two mornings in a row, with my wide angle lens and Fuji X-E1 setting on a trash can next to this Fred Meyer department store. I set a 10 second timer, focused and the camera did the rest. I knew before looking at the picture that it would be special. Everything is so sharp you can read the sign in the very back of the row of signs.

So, with Shannon’s site at:, I submit my photo to the challenge.

It Was A Dark & Dreary Night

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