Halloween On Main Street Uxbridge, MA

It’s hard to believe Halloween is here already. You can spend a small fortune at retail giants on supplies or costumes or you can get creative and use mom & pop stores in your local community. One such store in Uxbridge, MA is Rita’s Second Time Around Store on Main Street. Pat Benoits is the owner operator of Rita’s and has all sorts of goodies you might use.

There’s plenty of creepy characters in her store for the upcoming holiday. Check it out if you live in the area or just enjoy the photos I took today while visiting Pat. Recognize the hat in the third photo? You should because it’s mine! LOL

Pat At Rita's #1

The Lovely Couple

The Manaquin

Scarecrow In Chair

Rock Star #1

Clipper Cuts


5 thoughts on “Halloween On Main Street Uxbridge, MA

  1. Cool Stuff1 My yard is very decorated. I don’t do creepy. I’m the original WUS! We’re supposed to have heavy rain tomorrow so it will be interesting if a couple families come over from Vancouver for a bite to eat and the kids go out for their fun. I don’t give out candy. I have coloring books, activity books (9 cents a piece at Walgrenes last year after Halloween), nice rings and nice rubber snakes from Goodwill….new.
    Have fun.

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