Cancelling Monday

Dispicable Minion SantaEverything I had planned for today has fallen apart. I had a mental health appointment at the VA scheduled for 1:00 p.m. cancelled when the shrink called in sick. I was going to do some Christmas shopping online during Cyber Monday but I’m broke so by the time my pension check gets deposited tomorrow morning the sales will be over and the money will just have to sit there until stuff goes on sale again. I’ve been looking at the sneak peek sales on that stuff and it all seems like junk to me. Not interested!

Minions 2

Leftovers: Da Feet Da Feet

That’s what you get when you work from top to bottom in photography, da feet. Here Kaitlin is relaxing in her spot on the couch Thanksgiving day. Since she was being camera shy that day in a house full of photographers I decided to capture what I could, the feet.

Kaitlin #2

Pet Me, Pet Me!

The doggies of the house, Bishop, Bonnie & Amber were so glad to see our visitors who they knew so well. They knew it was going to be an exciting day for them with plenty of hugs, laps and goodies to go around. They probably receive more attention on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year. Little Amber, a miniature Dachshund, was determined to get her share, moving from person to person and getting their attention.

Pet Me Pet Me 2

A Little Off The Bottom Please

Bishop new what was coming. When everyone in attendance at yesterday’s family gathering instinctively Bishop knew his time was coming. He had to be coaxed to go on the outside deck so that 3 of the adults could give him a haircut. Bishop is an Australian sheep dog whose fur gets quite long this time of year. I could tell the people involved had experience doing this chore. First you must immobilize the doggie by straddling him so he can’t move or attempt to get away. Noth the other two participants take turns clipping first with shears and then an electric trimmer designed for pet hair. The result was a not so happy dog that would probably thank them all later, much later.

They Cut My Tail Off

A Little Off The Bottom

After The Haircut

Doing The Impossible

With yesterday being Thanksgiving there were 6 adults in attendance and our 3 doggies. Marilyn has warned me that Bonnie, their black Skottie, deliberately shies away from cameras, making it difficult to get a sharp, defined photograph with her eyes visible. I accept the challenge, being primarily an animal photographer these past 10 years. So far I’ve produced at least 4 good shots of Bonnie and yesterday was no exception. She was occupied with all the excitement around her and didn’t see me setting her up until it was too late. Gotcha!

Bonnie #5

Garry & Bonnie #1


Testing The WordPress Redirect

I have added script to my Chrome browser to allow me to use the old editor that I liked so much. This post is a test of that redirect. I’m going to add a picture at the end of this text to see how it responds to my left clicking on the posted test.

Although I was able to use the original editor to create the post there is still an issue with the loss of being able to left click on the photo to enlarge it for the viewer. oh well, I guess WordPress wins this round.

Amber #2

Memorials – Holiday Traditions

The holidays have arrived. We’re all getting ready to travel or receive guests for the holidays. The news is full of stories covering huge traffic jams as so many Americans hit the roads for the Thanksgiving blockbuster event. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and small business Saturday have already jumped the gun for your hard earned dollars.

And then there are the rest of us. The ones who don’t have the money for all this stuff. Those of us on fixed income that never keep up with inflation don’t look forward to these man made holidays. Feeding upwards of a dozen people is a lot of work and a huge expense. The older you get the more work it becomes and you dread the ordeal.

Uxbridge War MemorialHolidays are also about the memorials. Fallen friends, relatives and loved ones come to mind each year during the holidays. Again, we all remember. What choice do we have as the news media fills the airwaves with holiday specials, prepared in advance so the broadcast crew gets their holiday time off. There have been too many tragedies this past year, too many mass killings that no one can yet explain. There are too many memorials quickly thrown together that include teddy bears, wreaths, crosses and the proverbial yellow ribbon on every tree in town.



Memorials #1Since it’s original inception the idea for granite walls with alphabetical lists etched on them of all the victims of mass killings are erected in cemeteries, college campuses and federal graveyards. It’s the holidays and we must never forget their names.

This is a strange time to be alive on planet earth. There are way too many memorials being built. Every holiday has multiple tugs at our hearts as we associate the holidays with more and more tragic events in our lives.


Memorials #2I propose we get back to basics, celebrate the original intent for each holiday and leave the memorials out of it. Let’s be thankful for the important things on Thanksgiving, remember what Christmas is all about and forget Black Fridays, & Cyber Monday.