A Bench, A Boutique & And My Barbershop

Strolling down Main Street I managed to take one photography with three interesting elements, My new barbershop, a boutique and another bench to add to my bench collection. I love this tiny town of Uxbridge which seems to be a throwback to an era I knew many decades ago. It’s a small town of around 11,000 – 13,000 residents. There are no shopping malls, no WalMarts, not even a Target nearby. These are mom & pop stores on Uxbridge time, which means if their store sign says “Open at 9:00” bring a cup of coffee in case they’re a tad late. Rita’s is run and owned by Pat Benoits.

I got my first haircut last week at Upper Cuts on Saturday, which seemed like a very busy day for the solo barber working the shop. He gives a good haircut very fast so there wasn’t that long a wait. Besides, nobody seemed like they were in a hurry.

Rita's 2nd Time Around Store

Main Street Uxbridge #1


8 thoughts on “A Bench, A Boutique & And My Barbershop

  1. I loved the tree in red in the last pic. Wish I could see it in full or a close up of that beauty would have been a perfect shot. I mean both the pictures are so good but the tree caught my eye.

      • My landlord in Portland informed me he was planning on selling the house we shared. He needed time to do some remodeling on the bedroom and bathroom I was using so he gave me a month’s notice to find another place.

        Portland is in the middle of a renter’s emergency where outside speculators are buying up rental properties, evicting the tenants and then jacking up the rents out of sight. I could no longer afford Portland on Social Security. Marilyn & Garry offered an affordable place but I couldn’t delay, regardless of the season. I moved.

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