Bob, Cold At His Computer

I don’t care what the outside temperature is. If I’m cold sitting at my computer I’m bundling up. Wish the iMac took higher resolution pictures. LOL

Cold Bob At Computer


6 thoughts on “Bob, Cold At His Computer

  1. You do look cold, Bob. I am often cold at my computer, so I plug in my wonderful heating pad, place it behind my back, and I’m soon toasty warm. Good luck in finding a warm solution that works for you. The cold season has barely begun.

    • I have a baseboard heater under my giant roll top desk. I sit in my recliner across the room with a blanket over me, a hooded sweatshirt and a knit Peruvian stocking hat on. It should hit 70 again today. LOL

      • I hope you adjust to the cooler temps soon because this is just the beginning. Winter is a great time to be outdoors too, but I do miss the warm autumn colors.

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