Herbie In A Crash

Since I’ve driven a Smart Car for 6 years now I’ve had to endure jokes about my little car. People voice their opinions based on their fears and myths rather than on scientific testing and data. The Smart brand is made by Mercedes Benz, a legendary maker of ultra safe cars.

So let’s watch a series of scientific tests where the Smart Car was put through some engineered tests against other cars and the ultimate test of a 70 mph crash against an immoveable object. Understand that at those speeds no human is likely to survive going from 70 to 0 mph instantly. The human body isn’t designed to take that sort of impact. Think of a football player sustaining a concussion because a collision with another player is so violent his brain is slammed against the rear or his own skull. Multiply that sort of force times 10 and you see few human beings would stand much of a chance.

Still, the point of this post is to show the naysayers that Smart Cars are as safe as most cars, especially small cars. Remember, a parachute is more likely to get a raw egg in its shell to the ground in tact than enclosing it in a steel box dropped from the same height.

Herbie 01


6 thoughts on “Herbie In A Crash

    • I saw this 6 years ago before I decided to buy my Smart Car as my retirement car. I’ve never regretted the choice. This video dispenses with the myth that it is a dangerous car to drive.

      • My hostess, Marilyn, had an interest in my car but decided to go with a Jeep with 4-wheel drive instead, not trusting the Smart Car in Winter weather. I honestly don’t have any idea of how it will perform. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. More to follow…

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