The End Is Near!

Driving around our area the leaves have fallen, covering the woods, driveways and lawns like a blanket of many colors. There are huge gaps in the treeline now that allow you to see the neighbors, so completely hidden just a few weeks ago. I took the shot below pointing down the driveway toward the street. The Sunfire sits on that blanket of leaves left from the trees giving up their Autumn harvest. The old tractor sits unbothered by the changing seasons. It’s place in history has already been written.

So now we wait! We don’t know how long we have before the first snowflakes will begin to fall. We know the locals are crossing their fingers that it’s a mild Winter this year after surviving the worst one on record the previous year. We need a break!

The End Is Near


4 thoughts on “The End Is Near!

  1. Hey, The old rusty thing in the garden and that car !……going to be buried completely under the snow soon… I loved the foliage below and red tree above it. Wish you late and mild winters.

  2. The Japanese maple is always the last tree to change color and keeps its leaves the longest. I brought it home from Maryland in a bucket. It was just a sprig. Now look at it, all growed up 🙂 Great picture!

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