My Uxbridge McDonald’s

I ate breakfast at my local McDonald’s for the first time today. I’d stopped there before for just coffee but wanted to get a feel for the whole breakfast experience. I also felt lazy enough not to want to make breakfast as I have for the past month at my new home.

My first realization was the lack of any discounts. The senior coffee cost in Uxbridge, MA is 95 cents. The cost for any other size coffee, all with free refills, is $1.00. So where’s the decent discount there? A nickel doesn’t go far in today’s economy! There were no other discounts or sales on their menu. I wound up with a couple of breakfast burritos, hash browns and that $1 large cup of coffee. I made sure to get a refill on that last cup before heading home.

I like the seating arrangements in this store that seems to favor larger groups. There are at least 4-5 corner booths with extensions for additional chairs. I prefer this to the new restaurant design we had in Portland. I’ve not seen the Uxbridge at lunch but more around 9:00 a.m. in the morning and customers were sparse. I have yet to see any senior groups at this McDonald’s.

One of the things I definitely don’t like at the Uxbridge McDonald’s is the lack of a coffee bar with sweeteners and creamer. The store insists on putting in this stuff. As a result my coffee is never right causing me to carry my own Splenda packets to supplement their idea of sweet. I’ll bet they’re using liquid Splenda and squirting in doses that aren’t the same as the Splenda powdered packets.

Uxbridge McDonald's


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