Searching For Graphic Gems

In my walk around the yard the other day I look for things with potential. I know what my camera can do and even more important I know what my graphic software, Photoshop can do. Combine that with very useful Photoshop plug-in filters and graphic restoration is not only possible but beautiful when complete.

Understand upfront this sort of work is a labor of love meaning it takes lots of time to pull off a good final image. I’m retired, time I’ve got in abundance. So below is a graphic symbol I spotted over the top of the outdoor shed. I have no idea the significance of the symbol only that its colorful symmetry caught my eye. Being outdoors there was plenty of wear and tear on this graphic but I had no doubt I could restore it and save it in my graphics folder for future use.

I dropped the final circular design onto a black background to make it easy to use just the circular design if I chose to do so. You simply choose or select the black background then select the inverse to select the circular graphic.

Graphic Symbol Restoration

Circular Symbol #1


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