Where Do You Rake The Leaves Living In The Woods?

It’s an honest question! If you are surrounded by trees just where do you put all the leaves that fall during the Autumn defoliation? All you’re doing as you rake is putting leaves on top of leaves! The same can be asked of deep snow. If the point is to clear a patch of ground for parking or driving you’ve got to decide where to put it all.

Look at the photo I took yesterday of little Herbie sitting in the parking spot closest to the road. It’s pointing downhill toward the house. At some point before I can leave I must turn around, pointing toward the road. When the ground is covered in leaves you can’t see how far you can back up without getting into trouble. Only practice doing a three point turn out of this spot can hope to get you pointing in the right direction. Fortunately mt Smart Car has a very short turning radius so it only take  a few maneuvers to pull it off! Better to practice now than with 3 feet or more of snow on that same driveway.

Herbie In The Leaves


5 thoughts on “Where Do You Rake The Leaves Living In The Woods?

    • Before the snow falls I need to turn Herbie around facing the road. Then I have only about 20 feet to navigate. I may have to dig him out first and put some kitty down for extra traction but it can be done.

      I find it interesting that the laws here forbid chains in snowy weather whereas in Portland, OR chains are mandatory by law.

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