Amber Poses For Me

It’s taken me a month to become familiar with our three doggies since my move from Portland, OR. Amber, the smallest of the three, has become my velcro dog, heading straight for my lap once I sit on my spot on the upstairs couch. She curls up there after “treating” my face to a generous portion of licks and takes her snooze. My legs fall asleep as my bladder fills until I have no choice but to get up gently allowing amber to find a new home. It’s partly because of that rapport that I’m able to get expressive portraits of animals.

Amber #3


10 thoughts on “Amber Poses For Me

    • Also she posed for me where Marily told me she & Bonnie run from cameras. Maybe she doesn’t believe I could take her picture on a dark staircase. There was no flash used here even though it looks like one was.

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