U.F.D. Sta 3

I took a quarter mile walk yesterday down Aldrich Street where I now live. The weather was nice, I needed the exercise and I wanted to photograph the local volunteer fire department just down the road. My knees have been crippling me recently and they will not get better if I don’t force myself to walk. Since arthritis took over my life about a year ago I went from 65 acre jaunts around the Portland Zoo to hobbling to the end of the driveway in pain each step of the way.

Anyway I set out yesterday with my full camera bag with two cameras and 4 lenses. It turns out I only needed my 27mm pancake lens for the things I shot. This is what I refer to as my walk around snapshot setup. I have a wider 18mm lens in the bag along with a 2nd camera body with my trusty 55-200mm zoom. I can shoot just about anything with any lens if I just move my feet as the zoom.

So here’s volunteer firehouse No. 3 all locked up when not in use. While I was still shooting a fireman arrived in his pickup and let himself inside. Being Saturday I was hoping to catch the station open and the trucks visible from the road and parking lot. No such luck so all you get today is a building shot of a red brick firehouse.

UFD Sta 3


One thought on “U.F.D. Sta 3

  1. Turns out, all the fire engines were in town today for a Veterans Day parade, including an antique fire engine show. I had no idea there was a parade today. The fire engines were pretty cool. And very shiny.

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