This is one of the posts told by Cee at: I too have a tale of the best photo I’d never taken. You see I bought myself a new long zoom, 70-300mm Nikon. I had a super sturdy Manfrotto tripod that was ideal for the combination of A Nikon D800 full frame camera, the full frame Nikon 70-300m zoom. I piled it all on my motorcycle for the 300 mile round trip to Haceta Head Lighthouse, the most photographed lighthouse in the United states. I’d been there before but was anxious to capture it again with Nikon’s top of the line 36mp sensor camera and a long lens.

When I arrived I pulled over to the rest area famous for taking shots of the lighthouse jutting out from the cliff into the Pacific Ocean. I took half a dozen shots before noticing a new error message on the top lcd display. I had no idea the meaning of that error message. I continued to shoot, packed up all my gear and anxiously returned home to look at my captures.

That’s when I discovered the meaning of that error message because I Googled the meaning. It meant that I had no memory card in my camera!!!!!! Argh! I discovered there was a way to program the camera so that it wouldn’t allow the shutter to fire without a memory card in the camera. Gee, thanks Nikon! Shouldn’t that be a given? The sickening part was that had I know the meaning of that error message I had a memory card wallet in my bag full of spare cards.

Truly, this was the best photo I never took. I made subsequent returns to that spot and tried again. The photo below represents the one that got away. πŸ™‚

Haceta Head Lighthouse


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