Testing Topaz Textures

There’s a new kid on the block, Topaz Textures. It’s a new Photoshop filter set design to instantly modify an existing photo giving it a number of predesigned variations on the original. It’s fast, interesting and right now a bargain at the introductory price of $49. I’m thinking about adding it to my other three Topaz Filters, Clarity, DeNoise and Simplify. If you can justify the expenditure you in for a lot of creative power with this package. The example below took seconds to apply. I must say upfront I feel this particular filter overdid the saturation a bit but in so doing it showed me the original could use maybe 20-30% more saturation and pop. I’m sure there’s an opacity slider there someplace.

My thanks goes to Marilyn Armstrong for turning me onto this new addition to the Topaz lineup. She returned the favor of me recommending the NIK software suite and OnOne suite of filters. Plug-ins are great time savers and very powerful.

Topaz Textures Test #1


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