First Contact – Jumbo Donuts

As I learn my way around Uxbridge I have started to meet people. Last week, while shopping at Koopmans Lumber/Hardware I bumped into this couple who struck up a conversation. My Smart Car starts a lot of these. The couple mentioned they were regular customers at Jumbo Donuts just across the street. They said they went there often and that both the coffee & donuts were good.

I bumped into this couple, Judy and Ernie, at Jumbo Donuts this morning. We continued our conversation from last week discussing differences I’d noticed between life in Portland, OR versus Uxbridge, MA. I explain how the two donuts and a large coffee in Portland would cost me over $10 where here I just paid a third of that. Jumbo Donuts does have very good donuts and coffee by the way. The manager was listening in on our conversation, eager to give my comparison of quality and price. I explained how food prices here were significantly cheaper that the west coast as are gas prices.

I talked with Ernie and Judy for better than half an hour before saying goodbye for now. I know I’ll be returning to Jumbo Donuts in the near future.

Jumbo Donuts #1


3 thoughts on “First Contact – Jumbo Donuts

  1. Oooooh, Ooooooh, Oooooh, this is MY KIND OF PLACE!!! You’re always posting about great places to have coffee and sweet treats, and I’m so jealous! We have almost no good place like that around here. All we have are chains who no longer care about their customers or about putting any quality into their food.

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