Staying Within The Season

I’m still stuck in Autumn. I’m not ready to experience my first cold snowy Winter in nearly 40 years. I lived in New Jersey in 1978 when there were blizzards two weekends in a row. I was working then but nobody made it to work during that crisis. It was actually illegal to even try as the state wanted everyone off the roads so they might have a chance to plow.

So as Fall in New England finishes its business and there’s a cold signaling the next season is nearly upon us I’d rather recall recent events that are more heartwarming. The photo below was taken in Rita’s 2nd Time Around Store on Main Street in Uxbridge. The back room in that store is a treasure trove of photographic memorabilia.

Scarecrow In Chair#2


5 thoughts on “Staying Within The Season

  1. Nice scarecrow and he looks all bundled up and warm. I am grateful to be here on the Washington Coast, although the foggy nights are getting quite a chill and dipping down to the low 40’s. Actually it is 38 degrees at not quite 11 pm tonight.

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