It’s All Or Nothing

Casual FridayI really have to laugh at my dealings with government agencies. In this case it’s VA Medical. You either get no service at all or too much service which can kill you just as dead.

Example #1: It took the VA in Portland 9 months to get me to see a Urologist for tests when I started peeing blood. That lack of service could have been fatal.

Example #2: Both the Pharmacy in Portland, OR and the VA Pharmacy in Worcester, MA started sending medications and diabetic supplies in huge quantities. In the six weeks I’ve been in Uxbridge, MA I’ve received 600 diabetic syringes, equal to more than an 18 month supply. I’ve also received multiple 90 day supplies of both types of insulin as well as multiple supplies of my many pill medications.

Syringes won’t go bad and actually don’t cost me a penny. They’re just stacking up in my closet. LOL The issue is all the drugs that have arrived. I’ve got 9 months worth of both insulins in my refrigerator. I’ve got boxes and shelves full of pills. All the drugs cost me $8 per drug per month. They have to stop sending all this stuff before they put me in the poor house.

Anyone want a box of syringes for a Christmas present? How about a styrofoam cooler chest with refreezable cold packs? I’ve got 6 of them. I’ve talked to a number of doctors at my new clinic and hopefully I’ll be able to stop all this generosity. It’s killing my wallet.


5 thoughts on “It’s All Or Nothing

  1. HI Bob, that cartoon was cute. Wow, did we have a “dark and stormy night” yesterday evening. HWY 84 is close for 50 miles between Troutdale and Hood River because of downed trees. At times the rain and wind was ferocious. Take care,

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