Thanksgiving Reflections

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches I begin thinking of places I’ve used to reflect on life. One of the reasons I started photographing benches is that each picture represents a peaceful place to take time out from our busy hectic lives. In the small collection below you’ll notice there are no people in the photographs. My idea of peace and quiet is solitude, being one with nature. Each shot brings back memories of the time and place where I was when I took the photograph.

I’m grateful for a lot of things and a lot of people. I’m blessed to have friends and family that I know love me. I’m thankful to have doctors that care whether I live or die. You tend to get more of that with VA doctors because they’re certainly not it that profession to get rich.

As I witness the tragedy some people must endure, whether it’s natural or manmade, I’m reminded that my life has been peaceful for many years. Being 66 I’ve lived long enough to have seen my share of hardship, poverty and personal tragedy, yet God has always taken care of me, provided for my needs and showed me His love. I am grateful!

Peaceful Benches




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