WordPress Is At It Again

Give me strength. WordPress has changed how everything works yet again. I’m trying to keep going with my blog but nothing stays the same for long in this environment. Now inserting pictures in a post has gotten more difficult. Once posted and saved the viewer can no longer just click on an inserted photo to view a larger version. Why? What have the programmers at WordPress accomplished with their latest changes? It’s too early in my day to be frustrated. šŸ˜¦


11 thoughts on “WordPress Is At It Again

  1. I understand completely. And now, for newcomers to WordPress, they no longer have easy access to the old dashboard either. I just finished one of my blogging classes, and it was horrible trying to teach these people how to blog with a network that no longer works predictably. They were frustrated, and I was even more frustrated. And what I can’t understand is all these people who say they like the stupid changes. What planet are they from?????

      • AMEN, BROTHER!!!!! I just tried to change my theme to one that shows black text for the header, but when I activate that theme, it gives me some off blue color and won’t change to black. They are so screwed up I’m honestly thinking seriously about reverting to Blogger completely.

      • WordPress Technical Support says you can use the old editor through your dashboard. I just tried this and it works but is a major pain in the arse to do it on every post with a picture inserted. They’re working on it.

      • They’ve always said that and used to give you that option on the new editor. Mine still works with the old dashboard, but anyone who is just now creating blogs doesn’t have easy access to the old dashboard any longer. I know that’s true because I just finished teaching a blogging class and 6 different people created new blogs, but they can’t get an easy access to the old dashboard any longer. There is now only one way to get there — for brand new sites. You have to go to the “view site” page and find the Meta Data in the sidebar and click on “Site Admin.” Otherwise brand new bloggers are stuck with the new, stupid, doesn’t-work-half-the-time editor. It’s all a bunch of crap.

  2. I nearly always work through the Dashboard but the other day I must have done something different and I got the “new improved” posts page. I could not find where to insert photos. After a while I discovered that there was a small icon on the top left but I much prefer the old “add media” button which is easy to see. I have heard some say that spell check is gone too which if true is just crazy as nobody can spell these days and most of us like to proofread even if we can. I feel very frustrated by all the changes WordPress has been making too but I don’t really want to go and start again somewhere else.

    • I just filled out a survey on my support help and gave them an earful about fixing everything without anything being broken. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!

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