A Hot Cup Of Tea Works Miracles

Good Morning GrouchOk, I’ve said it. I’m a tea drinker. Sure I love a cup of good coffee but if given the choice I’ll drink hot Lipton tea from a tea bag. Now I’ve got lots of people disgusted. Sure, there are hundreds of exotic teas and specialty shops to sell it to you. I walk into Starbucks and order “coffee”, black. So cut me some slack when I enjoy Lipton tea from bags.




15 thoughts on “A Hot Cup Of Tea Works Miracles

  1. Starbucks coffee is way too strong for me too — except for their “blond” version. I will go a long way to get coffee that isn’t Starbucks. And most of the time I drink Kroger tea. Although I will say that my favorite tea is Twinings English Breakfast Tea, and when I can afford it, I buy it. But I wouldn’t think of using anything but tea bags to brew my tea. Not only that, but I brew my tea in my teapot in my microwave. It tastes just as good as the tea made from boiling water poured over the tea bags and left to steep.

    • I boil my tea water in the microwave as well, 2 minutes 55 seconds does the trip. I pop the teabag in and let it steep while I cook breakfast. I get the most out of one teabag by using my giant man sized coffee/tea cup. I need more tea than a regular cup.

      • Me too. I have a great glass teapot, and I put enough water for three cups of tea in it, pop in three tea bags, and stick it in the microwave for 3 minutes. By the time it’s done, some of the steeping has taken place, and I’m good to go in about another minute.

      • As I mentioned it takes 2’55” in the microwave. If I boiled water with my induction cooktop I could boil a quart of water in 3’00” by putting the glass lid on the pot. I might consider doing that if I want more than one cup.

  2. Well I’m from England so I’m certainly not going to chastise you about tea. I grew up drinking loose leaf tea made in a pot but these days tea bags are more convenient. I always have Lipton teabags on hand for when my sister visits as she doesn’t like coffee. Now that I am on my own I’m gradually starting to drink it more often again when I’m at home. David didn’t like tea so we used to drink coffee all the time, lots of coffee. Perhaps I’m going back to my roots. I don’t care for herbal teas or fancy brews. I just like plain old tea with milk.

    • My normal breakfast is two eggs over easy on a toasted muffin with lemon Lipton tea. I add the lemon and Splenda sweetener to help my diabetes. If I were to have waffles or pancakes I’d add creamer instead of lemon.

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