Breaking Old Habits

good-morning_33I’ve been an early riser for most of my life. Even in retirement I still get up before sunrise to start my day. I’m attempting to break that habit. My one limiter is physical. If I sleep in for more than an hour I tend to start cramping, leg cramps to be more specific. I’ve googled the subject and it seems to be a common malady among men over 50.

I want a sunrise awakening to become my norm. Now I have three in house alarm clocks, Amber, Bonnie and Bishop. They are our three doggies that blast through their doggie door each morning to bark at the cars, people, neighboring dogs or just the wind. Who knows? It normally starts with Amber, our miniature Dachshund. She has a very high bark that could wake the dead. That triggers Bonnie and Bishop to blast through the doggie door to join her. I may not get my intended beauty sleep.

Granny On MotorcycleMost days I have nowhere to go, no scheduled activities. Being new to Uxbridge, MA I haven’t put together any routine. I’ve broken the McDonald’s habit because all I’ve found there is terrible food, high prices and no senior’s group. πŸ™‚ I miss my old friends. It’s a different world here, a seasonal world that goes into hibernation about now.

So I’m forming new habits, sitting here at midnight having already gotten 5 hours worth of good sleep. My friends and cohabitants are still awake upstairs watching reruns of West Wing. That’s part of their routine. They can sleep in until 9 in the morning, only a fond dream for me who rises at 5:30. This is my 3902 post. WordPress is good for sharing that useless bit of information so I thought I’d share it just before heading back to bed. You see I’ve reach my goal of making it past midnight and now I turn into a frog again! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Breaking Old Habits

    • I found through a deliberate blood test that my magnesium levels are too low. I take supplements that help but that extra long sleep in has them twitching and trying to cramp.

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