Where Is Ruth?

I’m worried about one of my regular followers, Ruth. She goes by sunsetdragon on her blog site. She lives in the state of Washington with her hubby known affectionately as “the bald guy”. She has a black cat named Ali.

Ruth suddenly disappeared off the internet. Her blog site is shut down and I fear something is wrong physically with Ruth or her hubby. If anyone knows Ruth could you please leave a comment? She was a regular follower and her blog was on my list of favorites. I miss her.

P.S. – Good news! Ruth is just fine. She had some technical difficulties with WordPress and was forced to start a completely new blog at: http://forvisitingfriendsblogsonly.wordpress.com. I’m glad I posted for someone who knew her and what was going on. Everybody is ok. Check out her new site.


14 thoughts on “Where Is Ruth?

  1. Bob this is Ruth. WP shut me down after I had to change my password seven times due to them saying they didn”t recognize me.
    They apparently decided i was trying to hack my own blog. I waited for the to allow me back into my blog and finally gave up and started this one.
    Took me a while to find you but I eventually did.
    Hubby, and I are alright and so is Ali.

  2. This is great news indeed! I had also noticed the same and was planning to email her (when people post comments, WP provides the email address in the “notification email”). But now I see your latest update. Thank you for sharing, I will follow her new blog immediately.
    Best wishes,

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