Don’t Let The Sunshine Fool You

It’s 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon with super bright sunlight outside. I went out for a drive early this morning and it was now only warmer but very humid after yesterday’s all day rain. I don’t think it stopped until very early this morning.

The result is something akin to pea soup as I headed out, way to warm for the 3rd week in November. Garry commented on how warm it was outside so I walked out into the driveway and took 3 pictures around the house that looked like a Spring day.

The leaves of Autumn are all on the ground and with the driveway cleaned off with a leaf blower it looks beautifully barren. My little car looked pristine so it got photographed as did our shed with its bright green still growing moss as if it was a crop. The yellow sunfire further up the driveway looked secure. All in all it’s a beautifully sunny day. Now if it were only 10-20 degrees warmer we could get out the sunscreen and swimming pool in the backyard. LOL

Clear Driveway

Herbie Sunbathing

Shed Roof Growing



6 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Sunshine Fool You

  1. Same here and even with the sun out it was to cold for this old broad to be out. The road you live on looks like a wonderful place to go for a walk with your camera in the warmer weather.

  2. Everyone is talking about the warm weather and speculating how maybe it means a warm winter. It’s possible, if the winds continue to blow just the right way … and there’s no Polar Vortex (which used to mean that bitter cold that blew out of the Arctic right across New England and which locally, was called “The Montreal Express.”) Let’s just enjoy it for as long as we have it. it’s a gift.

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