News From Liz

Liz, my photography student & friend, sent me an email tonight sharing a couple of portraits she took of the new Caracal kittens at the Oregon Zoo. I am so proud of her for the quality of her photos and for the volunteer work she now does at the zoo. I certainly miss Liz as we enjoyed many hours together exploring the Portland area.

Below are the two photographs Liz sent me of the new kittens. She mentioned how difficult it was to get these shots as the zoo is swarmed by visitors wanting to see the new babies. She intends to keep trying to get shots of them when the crowds thin out. I know what she is experiencing as the Oregon Zoo is very popular and viewing times are limited to acceptable weather conditions since the Caracal exhibit is outdoors.

The first photo is really excellent, with tack sharp eyes and great depth of field. I love the subject matter, composition and natural lighting. Her exposure and editing were spot on as my English friends would say. Way to go Liz!

image1 2




9 thoughts on “News From Liz

  1. Hi Bob, The kitty photos did not come in my e-mail. I hope I meet Liz at the zoo sometime. Take care. I love the photos you’ve been sharing!

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