Uxbridge War Memorial

In my routine travels down main street in Uxbridge, MA I still have a lot to learn and visit. There is a small park with a cannon and war memorial that I stopped at for the first time. I parked and walked around the area trying to get the best angle to capture the different segments in the park. There’s a majestic columned white building in the background that I’m sure Marilyn can easily identify. I did not take the time on this quick stop to identify anything, only to photograph the monuments.

Building #1

Cannon #1

Uxbridge War Memorial


7 thoughts on “Uxbridge War Memorial

  1. The big building is the Evangelical Church, a schism from the now empty Unitarian church across the street. The park is called the “Common.” Most New England towns have one. They were originally a common area in which everyone could graze sheep, but have morphed into grassy areas in the middle of towns. Ours has gotten rather cluttered with all the memorials. We’ll have to visit some of the other little towns. Some of them have very elegant commons with band shells and gazebos and stuff. ‘

    Almost any big white clapboard building with a steeple is a church. That is probably THE most common and recognizable symbol of the region. Some photographers make a life work of photographing those white churches. And erasing power lines. The wedding we went to was in one just like the unoccupied on across from the common.

    Boston has a beautiful commons. Huge. Very photogenic and an extremely popular place to hang out in the summer. Gorgeous when decorated for Christmas, too. Oh, our little common is very pretty when they put the lights up which they will be doing very soon … right after Thanksgiving.

    • Thank you for all that information. It’s good to know the town will be decorating the common as I’m looking for a local scene as my Christmas card this year. I email them to friends, family, loved ones and acquaintances. No postage but you could print them out if you chose to do so. They also get there in time for the holidays. 🙂

  2. Marilyn is a walking encyclopedia on anything related this world. I’m amazed with her knowledge and narrating powers. Very impressive picture and I would love to see your local scene for card.

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