The Ideal Christmas Gift

I was just blessed with the perfect opportunity to give my sister a great Christmas gift. She had to get a new to her laptop with Windows 10 installed after her Toshiba Satellite died. Unfortunately it took with it her copy of Photoshop 7.0 which is really old. There have been at least 6-9 updates to later versions since then. I couldn’t replace her old software but I could do the next best thing.

Starting immediately Adobe is sending an email to her with instructions on how to download and install her new Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 software that upgrades itself continually. It will always be up to date with the latest features. She even gets the latest version of Lightroom if she wants to use that.

This is the latest rental program from Adobe, the same program I’ve subscribed to for over a year now. I love it. I hope my sister will enjoy her Christmas gift for many years. There are a ton of free tutorials from Adobe and YouTube on how to use the software. I feel good! 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Ideal Christmas Gift

    • I’ve been using Windows 10 ever since it came out, and I’ve had no problems with it. I run a small business, write books, do online editing and tutoring, and handle 5 blogs — including 2 ministry blogs that interact with people all over the world. So far all the different facets of my work are flowing along fine with 10. I think it has a bunch of stuff that adds to the load on a computer without actually being all that practical for most users, but those things don’t interfere with normal use, and they can be ignored. It’s a whole lot better than Windows 8.1 for sure. Personally, I think if they had just kept Windows 7 and kept all the tech support for it, everyone would be a lot happier. But, of course, that’s all in the past, so I’d say Windows 10 is a good move if you need to upgrade.

      • Thank you, Sandra! I appreciate your taking the time to share. I’m with Windows 7. Because of Windows 8 and its problems, I was curious about 10. I’ll just stick with what I am using for now.

      • I tend to avoid upgrades for anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. I didn’t have any choice when I had to get a new laptop recently. Because it came with 8.1 — which almost all of them did — it offered the upgrade for 10 free when it came out. I opted to go with 10 because at least it uses a “start” menu similar to 7, and the process of finding things is similar to 7. It wasn’t that way with 8.

      • Since moving to Mac in 2010 I will never go back to Windows. I’ve been upgrading all along to Apple’s new operating systems with my ancient iMac. I’ll need to start saving for a new computer one day. 😦

    • And just think Pat. this gift will never get old, will never be outdated or need to be updated, all for the cost of a donut and cup of coffee at Starbucks each month. It’s the perfect gift.

    • Barb wrote that she was just forced to get a new laptop and that here computer guy was coming over to set it up. Now he can download the latest Photoshop and get it up and running for my sister. She just emailed me this morning of her surprise to get my gift. The timing is perfect. Now she must make the effort to learn how to use it as it’s way different than that old version 7 that was on her crashed old laptop.

      • That’s the kicker with all the upgrades. So often you have to go back to school and start over to learn to use them. I’m thankful for YouTube. As you referred to it earlier, I’m sure you know you can find a video on there with instructions about how to do anything. I’ve used them a lot. After I got started with Windows 10, the only thing I couldn’t figure out how to do that I wanted to do right away was get rid of a picture they had on there that kept coming up every time I turned it on. But, sure enough, there was a YouTube tutorial specifically about how to get rid of that picture.

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