Laundry Day

Laundry DayOk, the holiday is Thursday and I’m out of clean clothes today. Laundry Day! I can’t put it off any longer. Everything is clean, folded, hung on hangers or generally put away. It’s such a warm, fuzzy feeling to have everything done. I actually needed to do two loads as I wanted clean towels and dish drying microcloths. It’s done! Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Laundry Day

  1. Hi Bob, I’m glad you got your laundry done…and that’s always a good feeling. Our new Maytag washer comes next Tues. Rebecca won’t even bring her laundry down for fear our washer will totally die. I’d like to wait till we get our new washer before doing a wash, but I suspect I’ll cave in and try the one we have. It took us about 10 min the other day to get it to work. It’s only 6 years old.

    • In general the makers of washers and dryers don’t make them as rugged as they used to. I see the ads on TV and can’t believe folks literally spend thousands of dollars on the pair but I’m a throwback to where these machines just washed your clothes. Now they are computer controlled, wi-fi connected, complex systems. I’ll bet most are made in China.

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