Learning Photoshop CC For Free

Only yesterday I signed my sister, Barb, up for Photoshop CC. She received an email from Adobe giving her a link to download the latest version of Photoshop and the latest version of Lightroom. My sister had been using Photoshop 7 which is many versions behind CC 2015. She just got a new laptop running Windows 10 due to her old Toshiba laptop crashing. Let the fun begin.

Barb has a computer guru that she pays to do the grunt work with her computers. Such things as networks, hardware and software setup and new operating systems upgrade and basic tutorials. By coincidence she is having her guru over to setup that new laptop and get it on her network and wi-fi printer. She has already told me when she received her surprise Christmas gift from me yesterday that she’ll have him follow the download and setup instructions from Adobe to get her new Photoshop CC 2015 operational.

So what’s the next step? I’m over 1,000 miles from my sister and cannot sit with her to get up to speed on software I both teach and use on a daily basis. I looked at my account with Adobe during this whole process and chuckled at the long list of products I’ve purchased through the decades. The folks at Adobe know me well.

Photoshop is the premiere graphics software in the world. They are so far out front of what’s in 2nd place they deserve their own category. Adobe engineers work with professional artists, graphic design professionals and top photographers to constantly upgrade their products. They have engineered capabilities into the past 3 versions that blow my mind, making them an absolute must have product. Everyone who writes software plug-ins for graphic software writes them for Photoshop first and foremost. These software add-ons greatly speed up the process to achieve even more dramatic results with the touch of a button.

I’m going to be sending my sister web links to free tutorials for beginners to experts in photoshop. Her only problem is free time. At 76 she is single and forced to continue working, primarily in the medical field of home health care. It’s a grueling way to supplement her income both physically and emotionally.

There are hundreds of tutorial sites online. There are companies like Kelby Training, Lydia, phlearn and many more that offer some free content to entice folks to sign up for their courses. There are webinars for those who learn better by watching an instructor talk students through the courses. It’s all free, a good thing for cash strapped retirees such as my sister. Don’t forget Adobe itself. http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/edit-photo.html

Now that she’s officially a member of the Adobe family she’s also entitles to free tech support. They are always happy to answer questions and supply a huge library of often asked questions with answered by their experts. Their knowledge database and tutorial library is extensive. All this for the price of a donut and cup of coffee once a month at Starbucks. It works for me and I’ve been a Photoshop user for over 20 years.

Photoshop CC Tutorials

Photoshop Support



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